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Past Projects

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a pla.jpg

a place outside of air

A simple but full miniature by B.K.Zervigón

Soundings in Fathoms is a multimedia exploration of some of the rapidly vanishing sights and sounds of Southeast Louisiana. It was made possible through a generous commission by the New York New Music Ensemble as part of its "Micro-Commissions" initiative- launched at the height of the initial COVID-19 outbreak. This work was produced in complete social isolation, using Ableton live to digitally stitch together an orchestral palette from the individual performances.

soundings cover.jpg

Soundings in Fathoms


A multimedia experience of Hurricane Ida


A multimedia digital setting of poet Nicole Cooley’s Recto, Verso

Music and video by B.K.Zervigón with

performances from J.T. Hassell and Rachel Mink.

Photography by Luca Hoffmann and internet sourcing.

A seam in the dirt divides past from present:  rope I once set down 

in the sand of the levee, or the girls asleep with me between them,



Recto, Verso 

Ellen dead mom.png

when the family flies in

Ellen McCusker's cover of the song by Julia Jacklin

Rivers of Sand for ensemble by B.K.Zervigón

Commissioned by Stony Brook University

as part of their annual Premieres Concerts

Dedicated to Eduardo Leandro

Rivers of Sand cover.jpg

Rivers of Sand


Performed by B.K.Zervigón

Two Improvisations 

for retuned piano

In this first fully realized collaboration between ensemble founders

Luca Hoffmann and Ben Zervigón, photos blend into photos

creating the effect of viewing a landscape. 


The video itself is largely a contemplation of the

Bonnet Carré Spillway and Destrehan.

The music is a digital reworking of the second movement

of Zervigón’s piano suite “Floodgates”.


Music by B.K.Zervigón

Photography by Luca Hoffmann

Video made in collaboration

Performances by B.K.Zervigón and J.T. Hassell

1- Bonnet Carre Clouds.jpg

the night we hit that bunny in Destrehan...


Silly Symphony

Music by Jeff Pagano

Performances by J.T.Hassell

A collaboration between B.K.Zervigón and Nicole Cooley in honor of the 15th anniversary of Katrina. 


This work for solo female vocalist and two pianists attempts to serve as a retrospective on the storm and a contemplation of where we were 15 years later.


The New Orleans premiere of Breach was supposed to occur at the Historic New Orleans Collection summer 2020, but has been delayed due to the Corona Virus. 

Music by B.K.Zervigón

Lyrics by Nicole Cooley and B.K.Zervigón

Performances by Rachel Mink, J.T. Hassell and B.K.Zervigón

Premiered at Griswold Hall at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, MD.

14 February 2020


Breach- 15 years gone

Doves wings.jpg

A doves wing clung about by heart last night…


In memory of his father


By Jeff Pagano

Performances by B.K.Zervigón

a dove's wing clung

about my heart last night...

Score Following video! 

This cycle for retuned piano solo contemplates the industrial Mississippi river as the composer new it in 2019, the first year the Bonnet Carré Spillway has reached 17ft- a number which only 2 years later now seems quaint. 


Music by B.K.Zervigón

Performed by J.T. Hassell

oversized 1.jpg


for piano solo

New Water.png

This free, public performance on Lake Pontchartrain debuted composer

Yotam Haber’s “New Water Music.” It was performed from the water by the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and hundreds of community musicians in a spectacular choreographed visual presentation, conceived and executed by New Orleans Airlift.

New Water Music

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